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Bitbay.net has deactivated EUR and USD withdrawals


Bitbay.net has disabled EUR and USD withdrawal shortly after i sold a few hundred EUR worth of BTC on their site. According to their support, they dont know when withdrawals will be enabled again.
Did anyone have success getting hold of their money? I am starting to get nervous that i got scammed.

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3 thoughts on “Bitbay.net has deactivated EUR and USD withdrawals

  1. H3d0nist

    I’m a bit late, but still. I wouldn’t say that you got scammed, Bitbay is just dealing with a ton (And i mean a TON) of issues with the Polish government, they had to shut down EUR and USD withdrawals for legal reasons. I’m in a similar position, with quite a bit of funds frozen on their site. It’s a shame that no official statement has been issued, but from what i gathered from my support chats they’re doing the best they can to enable said withdrawals. It’s a pain in the ass, but you shouldn’t worry – you’ll get your money soon enough.


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