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Bitcoin Whale-Watching App Now Live


Hey all, thanks to blueplanet_com’s hosting, my whale-watching app is now live (and re-coded to focus on BTC in place of ETH). Check it out at the url: http://ac.com.au:8050/

If you find it useful, please use the links at the top. The github url is there if you have issues and suggestions / want to star the project, and donation addresses for ETH and BTC are below so that we can hopefully migrate this to a paid AWS host. Thanks!

ETH address: 0xc8a12868f79A5d77530E91247FEC84497890e572

BTC address: 1M2fFerihy68gVJ5gvB7yrnwBbzEPhCbZ2

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6 thoughts on “Bitcoin Whale-Watching App Now Live

  1. cryptooothrow

    Hate to burst your bubble, but this does not work.

    All your code is doing is see how many orders make up a buy/sell wall. You don’t know how many unique user are actually part of the wall.

    I verified this by looking at your code and placing two orders at the same price level. The code said there were two different addresses making up the wall.


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