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Category: Coinbase News

Kodak Is Launching a Cryptocurrency for Photographers

U.S. technology firm Kodak has announced that it will launch its own cryptocurrency, with plans to host an initial coin offering (ICO). Source link

Smart Contracts Proposal MAST Inches Closer to Bitcoin's Code

A long-standing proposal to bring “smarter” smart contracts to bitcoin’s main net has just taken one step closer to implementation. Source link

Bitcoin ETF Proposals Withdrawn After SEC Pushback

Several firms seeking to list exchange-traded funds (ETFs) tied to bitcoin have withdrawn their filings at the request of officials from the SEC. Source link

Report: South Korea Eyes Joint Crypto Regulations With China, Japan

Finance regulators in South Korea are reportedly looking to cooperate with authorities in China and Japan on new rules for cryptocurrency trading. Source link

Telegram's $1.2 Billion ICO Could Be the Most Ambitious Token Sale Yet

Not only in size, but also in scope: the messaging app provider wants to bring crypto payments to the masses and decentralize online communication. Source link

Quebec Lures Cryptocurrency Miners as China Sours on Industry

Cheap and abundant electricity, cold weather and a stable political climate are making the Canadian province attractive to bitcoin mining operators. Source link

Beyond the Red Tape: The Path Ahead for Token Sales

Mason Borda is a tech entrepreneur focusing on blockchain infrastructure and security. He is currently the CEO and co-founder of TokenSoft Inc, a crypto treasury...