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Category: Coinbase News

Five Steps to Stress-Free Crypto Tax Accounting

The prudent individual or business must keep up with regulation and develop a process to organize data related to trading cryptocurrency. Here’s how. Source link

Is XRP a Security? That And Other Ripple Debates Explained

Ripple has been on a tear this year, but it’s popularity is bringing back old debates around what its distributed ledger tech is all about. Source link

Monex Confirms Coincheck Exchange Acquisition, Plans Future IPO

Japanese online brokerage Monex Group has confirmed a deal to acquire cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, which suffered a major breach in January. Source link

How to Mount a Tax Defense for Unreported Crypto Income

Most individuals with unreported cryptocurrency income have options available to mitigate and defend against civil penalties and criminal prosecution. Source link

Verge Stole the Limelight in a Lackluster Week for the Crypto Markets

This week, Verge was the best performing cryptocurrency among top 25 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Source link

SEC Sues Public Company That Saw Crypto Stock Price Boost

A publicly traded company that saw its stock price soar after announcing a crypto startup acquisition has been sued by the SEC. Source link

India's Exchanges Want to Challenge Central Bank's Crypto Crackdown

India’s cryptocurrency exchanges plan to fight back against the Reserve Bank’s decision to cut them off from financial services. Source link

Crypto and Cannabis Investment Promoter Hit With Cease-and-Desist

The Texas State Securities Board filed an emergency cease and desist against a cryptocurrency and weed investment platform on alleged fraud charges. Source link

Hating On Craig Wright Has Become Crypto's Feel-Good Uniting Force

A developer who’s never been shy about claiming he created bitcoin is facing overwhelming backlash from notable crypto industry leaders. Source link

How to Defend Yourself Against Pump-and-Dump Crypto Scams

Until regulators come up with rules to curb pump-and-dump schemes, investors need to be extra cautious so they don’t get taken for a ride. Source link

Arizona's Crypto Tax Payments Bill Is Being Revamped

Arizona’s crypto tax bill is still moving forward, despite seeming to have stalled in the Senate last month. Source link

Pakistan Bars Banks from Crypto and ICO Trading

A long-running cryptocurrency exchange in Pakistan is closing its door following a new advisory from the country’s central bank. Source link