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[Daily Discussion] Wednesday, March 28, 2018


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34 thoughts on “[Daily Discussion] Wednesday, March 28, 2018

  1. SlowCap

    Someone on GDAX really wanted to buy coins at $7135! As the other exchanges were dropping, their buy wall not only stayed there but kept refilling! I can’t see the order history, but I’d bet 100-200 coins were bought on the way down.

  2. vashdun

    Yo what happens when I accidentally sell my coins for 10% of its value? (Missed a 0) Does the highest bidder on the list get it or does the person who created a limit order on that price get it? so sad.

  3. idunnopotato

    ETH/USD about to hit a 3.5 month low.

    Usually BTC/USD and ETH/USD are similar and ETH/USD isn’t looking good at all.

    Hopefully we get some big movement soon in BTC/USD

  4. shredder_two9

    Has anyone done the math on where you can most cheaply hold synthetic dollars indefinitely as the combination of BTC and a hedged short position (rather than as tether)? The margin rates most places I know of make it cost prohibitive to do for anything longer than a few weeks.

  5. ellahammadaoui

    Number of longs is exactly the same as the number of BTCs sold by Kobayashi. Worrisome! But at least some of the shorts will cushion an eventual nightmarish scenario

  6. binaryechoes

    Any thoughts on amending rule #2 to include investing?


    – Discussion should relate to trading Bitcoin


    – Discussion should relate to trading or investing in Bitcoin

  7. haserfauld

    I was out and dinner and a concert for the last 6 hours. I see nothing has changed, except some people were gifted short entries above $8k.

    I feel like I’m going to wake up to $7890 tomorrow. Bill Murray is laughing at us somewhere.

  8. Bipolarruledout

    It’s HODL time guys. Frankly I’ve not checked the price in at least two weeks, don’t know if this is low or high but at least on the West coast the weather is lovely. Go outside!

  9. Bipolarruledout

    It’s HODL time guys. Frankly I’ve not checked the price in at least two weeks, don’t know if this is low or high but at least on the West coast the weather is lovely. Go outside!

  10. BluApex

    People playing games with random positions should really analyze their track record. If you’re in the red right now with recent trades you may want to consider taking a break. Patience is key and having a plan is how you win.

  11. cyoreligion

    Tempted to be more active in these long/short flips but as my grandma would say, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” this feels like a stupid game.

  12. hitekos

    I know that its a meme, but “the next days are critical for BTC”.

    We are flirting with log support, log resistance is going to cross log support in about 10 days. Death cross underway.

    Fucking decide BTC, pump or capitulate already.


  13. cyoreligion

    For what it’s worth–and it may not be much–and unless my reasoning is wonky, I think we’re going to narrowly avoid the death cross for two weeks to a month.

    50 days ago is Feb 6th, which was the 6k bottom. It took two weeks to reach 11.7k the first time, so the 50 day MA will be moving up the next two weeks, then it has two more weeks after that until it double tops 11.7k.

    200 days ago is Sep 9th, which was right as it was starting to dip from 4.3 down to 3.2, before going parabolic again, but not getting up to 8k until November 17th, 60+ days later.

    If I’m thinking correctly it shouldn’t cross for at least 2 weeks unless we plummet to ~3-4k in that time, and maybe 4-6 weeks if we were to consolidate here. It’s a simple moving average so it’s not weighing more recent data more heavily like in an exponential MA.

    Maybe I’m COMPLETELY missing some dumb shit thing though and I know we don’t really care about the death cross that much but I thought it was interesting.

  14. ozone63

    As an update from my post last night: https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinMarkets/comments/87fipg/daily_discussion_tuesday_march_27_2018/dwdyi1v/

    Not much has changed. Still in my position long from 7800…. For some reason I cannot play this Bart formation. I got the “this time it’s different” disease on every move in this tight range. I try not to screw around with such a tight formation, because I’ve been burned more than I’ve made good trades.

    Finex 4hr: https://www.tradingview.com/x/veT7zE4l/

    Finex 1hr: https://www.tradingview.com/x/fCv0PVKf/

    And because I mentioned it in the linked post (and you guys didn’t murder me), the Eth 4hr chart:


    I’m bullish here, if only for the short term. I’m in a pretty large position. We’ll see how things play out.

    Happy trading out there folks. Expect a big move when we breakout of the Bart formation (<$7600 on the low side, >$8200 on the high side). Look for volume.

  15. g0000n

    Shit post incoming: Skrew this. Closing my short with only a small profit. This is boring and not worth my time.

    I’m picking up some coins at spot price here… See you all at 10k in a couple of weeks!

  16. NostrilBob

    I’m starting to be less bearish and more neutral, broke the wedge to retest. Just find it hard going long in a bear market and near the top of our current trading range. Longs at ATH too.


    We could go up but I still think we’re going under 6k in time.

  17. WitheldNumber

    Got a question for some of the day traders in here. What % of your trading stack are you guys using on the ‘perfect’ setup vs a standard trade? I know its dependent on context but a rough estimate is fine.


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