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Is there a way to fetch trading history from Bittrex API?


I can see the withdrawal and deposit history for Bittrex API, but couldn’t find the end point for trade history – does anyone tried it? Thanks in advance

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2 thoughts on “Is there a way to fetch trading history from Bittrex API?

  1. Shifty1down5up

    Use the free version of CoinTracking. U can download up to 200 trades for free. I don’t think API works for past trades only live. They have instructions. Gives you trade analysis as well. I think Bittrex is so cheap with their UI right now. They dont seem to care about traders time with washing active orders off every 28 days.

  2. therealbricky

    You can more-or-less pull it from account/getorderhistory
    It doesn’t give you trade-level details, but there might be enough detail there for what you need.

    (It used to be limited to the 500 most recent entries, but I don’t know if that still applies)

    You can also download a CSV from their https://bittrex.com/History page (click the ‘Load All’ button), but that has less detail. https://beta.bittrex.com/history has a better UI, but the same data.


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