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Robin hood Finally Allows btc and eth !


Logged into my Robin hood account and finally can buy and sell bitcoin and ether.

New Money will be flowing in !!

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17 thoughts on “Robin hood Finally Allows btc and eth !

  1. Incisive1

    Useless if you cant own your private keys and have a wallet to move in and out of… hopefully it will help the “traditional” investor learn about crypto…

  2. flowrye

    I’m not sure but i think you don’t actually own those, they use CFD’s(Contracts for difference). It basically works just the same, but you do not own the underlying asset.

  3. cH3x

    Looks like they’re planning to offer withdrawals to private wallets, if they aren’t already implemented. From the TOS:

    > 13 . Withdrawals. I understand and agree that, in order to send Cryptocurrencies in my RHC Account to an external wallet that I control (such process, a “Withdrawal”), I may be required to provide proof of identity, control over bank accounts associated with My RHC Account or Affiliated Accounts, and control over such wallet, among other information. I represent that I have sole control over any wallet to which I send Cryptocurrencies in connection with such a Withdrawal. I further understand and agree that RHC may delay any requested Withdrawals if RHC perceives a risk of fraud or illegal activity or if the Withdrawal otherwise violates RHC’s AML Policy. I understand that, once initiated on the network associated with the Cryptocurrency subject to the Withdrawal, Withdrawals will typically be processed at the speed of such network, but that in certain situations, Withdrawals may be delayed in connection with any latency, congestion, disruption, or other delay of such network. I understand that You cannot reverse a Withdrawal that has been broadcast to a Cryptocurrency network. I also understand that You reserve the right to cancel any pending Withdrawal as required by law or in response to a subpoena, court order, or other binding government order.


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